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Ecosure Bunded Plastic Fuel Tanks 2455B

Standard Fittings
2" Filling Cap
Hinged Lid
Inspection lid
4" Screw down
Overfill Prevention Valve
Overfill Prevention Valve
Lockable Lid
Lockable Lid
2" Vent
2 Inch Valve

Meeting all the legal requirements for fuel tanks, the 2455ltr Ecosure Bunded Fuel Tank is one of the lowest priced oil tanks on the market. Made from rotationally moulded high grade polyethylene making Ecosure Fuel tanks corrosive resistant and also have a high impact strength along with the latest UV stabilisation packages.

The Ecosure 2455 has been engineered to exceed the most demanding requirements, including The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 and comparable requirements throughout the British Isles.

Ecosure bunded fuel tanks are specifically designed for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural properties where bunded oil tanks are compulsory. Because of its safety features such as it overfill prevention valve and optional bund alarm, the Ecosure 2455 is now very popular for the home.

Come complete with 4" Lid and 1" BSP standard outlet

Fuel Tank Specification
Diameter 1700mm
Height 1810mm
Weight 162kg
Inlet 4" Filling inlet + Cap
Outlet 1'' BSP
Capacity 2455 Litres

£839.99 Ex VAT 20%

Apollo GaugeApollo Gauge - 52.99  

Apollo GaugeTiger Loop - 52.99  

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