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Fuel Tank Accessories

Tigerholm Tiger Loop  Ref: Tigerloop
Tigerholm Tiger Loop

The ever-popular Tiger Loop removes residual air from the fuel, promoting enhanced boiler efficiency, cleaner combustion and a more efficient burn. The Tiger Loop also does away with the need for an undesirable return line on top outlet and wall mounted installations.

Please note that the Tiger Loop is suitable only for use with pressure jet burners. If in doubt, please contact us prior to installation.

£34.03 Ex VAT 20%

Oil Tanks Fitting Kit  Ref: KT1-
Oil Tanks Fitting Kit

- Transmitter
- 240v pug-in-house reciever
- Filter lever valve
- Aluminium tank adaptoer (for above)
- reel of PTFE tap
- Battery

£49.36 Ex VAT 20%

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