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Oil-Fuel-Pump Dispensers 1000B

Oil-Fuel-Pump Dispensers 1000B

Product Description

1000 litre (220 gallon) capacity bunded fuel storage tank, manufactured using an all steel double cylinder construction and mounted on a tough galvanised tubular steel base. Fully ADR compliant with U.N. approval, the Fuelstore 1000L can be transported full of fuel on the highway without the need for ADR driver training. This pressure tested tank is ideally suited to both site and industrial use. Features include an anti-vandal lockable door, fully sealed rotary fuel gauge, large 2" & 3" alloy filler caps, automatic suction breather, pressure relief valve and an in-line fuel filter. The tank can be lifted full of fuel, using either the lifting eyes or the forklift pockets. The unique Fuelstore pump mounting plate can cater for a wide variety of fuel delivery options.

£1,675.00 Ex VAT 20%

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